The Church as a Replacement of Israel – EDIS II

Beiträge zur Israellehre aus der Geschichte und Theologie

von Michael J. Vlach

Does the church replace the nation Israel in the plan of God? The doctrine of supersessionism answers the question in the affirmative. But is supersessionism a biblical doctrine? Michael J. Vlach offers a detailed examination of the view that the church is the new Isreal that permantenty takes the place of the nation Israel. He surveys the supersessionist view in church history and then examines its hermeneutical and theological arguments. He also presents a case against supersessionism. In a unique way, he lays out the arguments of both supersessionism and non-supersessionism and then offers the analysis of why supersessionism is not consistent with the biblical view.

Michael J.Vlach, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Theology at the Master´s Seminary in Sun Valley, California. He specializes in the areas of Systematic Theology, Historical THeology, Apologetics and World Religions. His specific area of experise concerns the nation Israel and issues related to the doctrine of supersessionism.
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Erschienen: 002/2009
Verlag: LANG, Peter, Verlag
aus der Reihe: Edition Israelologie
ISBN: 978-3-631-58603-7


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