Sacred Times for Choosen People

Development, Analysis and Missiological Significance of Messianic Jewish Holiday Practice

Evert W. Van Pe Poll

– How do Messianic Jews reinterpret and reform biblical/Jewish holidays?

– Is the worship style of their congregations a return to `Jewish roots´?

– What is the rationale of the Messianic Movement and its celebrations?

Combining historiography and analytical investigation, this study begins to light the various ways in which Jewish believers in Jesus identify with the heritage of their people. Celebrating Sabbath and the `Feasts of Israel´appears to be a major, if not the most important cultural identity marker – especially of Messianic congregations. Here we have the first comprehensive research of a phenomenon that characterises the Messianic Movement and arouses much interest among Gentile Christians.

Erschienen: 10/2008,
aus der Reihe: Mission,
ISBN: 978-90-239-2329-9

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