American Holiness Churches in the Holy Land 1890-2010 – EDIS IV

American Holiness Churches in the Holy Land 1890-2010

Mission to the Jews, Arabs and Armenians

The American Holiness Churches Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) and the Church of the Nazarene (CoN) have been active for more than 120 years in the Holy Land among the Jewish, Arab and Armenian communities. The author offers a detailed examination of the underlying theological force (millenarianism) of their endeavor and provides a detailed report of the activities of their 250 workers in the Holy Land over more than one hundred years. The activities of these two Holiness Churches as important representatives of the second largest Christian community worldwide, i.e. Evangelicalism, were impressive as far as sincerity, enthusiasm, methodology, and reached communities was concerned; their social, educational, economical, and political impact on the recipient cultures in the Holy Land is felt till today. Contents: Jerusalem Alliance Church – Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) – American Holiness Churches in the Holy Land.

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